Canada 150

"Things that make Canadian's Proud"


Client: Best Buy Canada

Categories: Motion Design, Illustration, Animation

Techniques: 2D Illustration & animation

Role: Creative & Art Director, Illustrator, Animator, Motion Designer

Date: July 2017


This was a Canada 150 animation I was asked to do for the staff at Best Buy Canada. I researched and found some common threads on things Canadians were proud of, some of the obvious stereotypes came up but it was nonetheless so enjoyable to design and animate. Some of the top items Canadians are proud of are: Saying Sorry, Maple Syrup, the great outdoors, our Canadian cities, being open minded, diversity, Canadian food (and yes poutine was on many lists), Hockey, Healthcare, and the freedom to live how we want. I also added a totem pole to represent the First Nations of Canada.

It was shown on the Canada Day weekend inside of the Canadian Headquarters as well as staff rooms across the country.


final Style Frames