Drive for Impact

"Build a car, build your Community"

Client: United Way of the Lower Mainland

Categories: Motion, Interactive & Communication Design

Role: Motion Designer & Project Manager

Date: Feb 2016


A soap box derby that builds community in the act of building cars. The event has room to grow across multiple communities and be created into an annual traditional event that is all inclusive. Our campaign included a 30 second promotional video, a responsive website, an event graphic identity and event banner & T-shirt design. Not only does the event build community, it also increased awareness about the organization and broadened their donor base.

Social Impact: Video Editing / Motion Graphics

Social Impact: Video Editing / Motion Graphics

United Way of the Lower Mainland (UWLM) is a community impact organization that funds 150 different agencies throughout the lower mainland to deliver more than 300 programs and services. They research to understand the needs of a community to develop solutions that create long term positive change and make smart community investments to achieve results in the following 3 main areas:

1.    Helping kids be all they can be

2.    Turning poverty into possibility

3.    Building strong communities


Team Pixel Studios:

Art Direction: Nikki Ji, Saida Saetgareeva & Kelly Kurtz

Interactive Design: Sukhwinder Singh, Nikki Ji, Jason Chau

Communication Design: Angelina Han, Jason Chau

Style Frames: Saida Saetgareeva & Jason Chau

Motion Design, Illustration, Animation, Art Direction: Saida Saetgareeva & Kelly Kurtz

Project Manager: Kelly Kurtz


Design Frames

Concept & Ideation


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