Expedition 100 Boards_V7.png

Expedition 100

"Cold. Uninhabited. Unforgiving. "


Categories: Design Boards

Role: Motion Designer

Student Project: School of Motion Design Bootcamp

Stock Photography: Shutterstock

Date: Sept 2017


The Brief

These boards were designed as part of a School of Motion Design Bootcamp exercise. It was for a fictitious TV series by NASA and the feel for the show is dangerous, awe-inspiring and cinematic. The demographic for the show is 25 - 65 skewed male. They were looking for 4 - 6 design boards with full treatment, full screen title cards including show title + tune in screen and NASA TV logo.

Process & Design Choices

The images that were chosen for these boards convey the dangerous nature, and give the viewer a sense of an uninhabited and unforgiving landscape. The space cat was added in just for fun, I wouldn't put this in a real client project of course. UI Elements were used to add just a touch of tech feel, but not too techy. The elements were used in all the boards to keep unity consistent throughout.

I chose the complimentary colours of purple and orange as the dark purple gave a sense of mystery and adventure and the orange highlighted many of the graphics in a complimentary fashion. I also made use of a black and white layer on the top of all layers as a colour value check to ensure colour balance was met and the eye is drawn exactly where it was intended.


final design boards