filmora bumper


Client: Filmora Wondershare

Categories: Motion Design, Art Direction & Animation

Techniques: 2D & 3D animation, Pixel Sorting & Glitch

Role: Creative & Art Director,  Animator, Motion Designer

Date: October 2017


A mix of 2D & 3D art direction, design & animation to create a bumper for Filmora Wondershare. I was given full creative rein with a few video references to provide inspiration to mix the styles:

2D - ABC Spark Ident and Gik_

3D - ESPN Eurocup 2016


Additional Credits:

Thank you to Saida Saetgareeva for her ruthless critique :)


As I was given 3 references to pull inspiration from I still felt it important to draw up a few moodboards to really focus where this piece was going. I also found some images that were glitched in more of a swirl comp kind of way, which provided the inspiration for the swirl background. 

The ABC Spark ident provided inspiration for a bright colour palette, varying mixed graphic elements/textures and a rough choppy animation style with glitch to round it out. 

From Gik_ I pulled the pixel sorting and glitch

And from the 2016 ESPN Eurocup I pulled the 3D rotating 6 sided mechanical pyramid into the piece.

I also stuck with simple geometric shapes of squares, circles and diamonds as the graphic elements to unify the art direction. 3D textures were used in only a colour channel to match the 2D style as I didn't want to go fully sketch & toon knowing it wouldn't match the overall art direction.