Technology & impact awards - 25th Anniversary gala

"Celebrate the change makers, the up-and-comers, the innovators and the bold"


Client: BC Tech Association

Categories: 2.5D Motion Design & Animation

Techniques: Projection Map, Stardust Particle Systems

Role: Animator

Date: May 2018


The Technology & Impact Awards (TIA's) - hosted by BC Tech Association - celebrates the change makers, the up-and-comers, the innovators, and the bold — those who are transforming our industry and building the fabric of BC’s vibrant tech ecosystem. This year's 25th anniversary Awards Gala were hosted at the Convention Center in downtown Vancouver.

The ask was to create abstract wallpaper backgrounds to be projected onto the stage screen panels to be used for a walk in animation, welcome to the TIA logo animation, the nominees and awards backgrounds. BC tech was looking for 70% oscars/awards and 30% tech. Our solution was a very flowy mesh grid with light bokeh floating through each of the panels that matched the event colour palette set out by Republic Digital (Cary).

One of our challenges was adjusting the colours using a computer screen that would eventually appear differently when projected. We worked closely with the projection tech's to achieve just the right look and animation speed.

Additional Credits:

Wallpaper Design: Saida Saetgareeva

Event Colour Palette & Typography: Cary Debenham (Republic Digital)

Design Frames

Concept & Ideation

My previsualization process involves draw thumbs, cutting them up and move them around to see if the story makes sense, and to find out where the story can be strengthened.  For that reason you will notice the cut up thumbnails in many of my displayed work :)