World Ski & Snowboard Festival Promo

"Party in April...Sleep in May"


Client: Watermark Inc., Whistler BC

Categories: Motion Design

Techniques: Cel Animation, Rotoscoping

Role: Creative & Art Director, Illustrator, Animator, Motion Designer

Date: July 2016

 2016 Vega Awards - Online Video, Animation Category

2016 Vega Awards - Online Video, Animation Category

 2017 Muse Creative Awards - Student Animation

2017 Muse Creative Awards - Student Animation


The World Ski & Snowboard Festival is hosted annually by Whistler Blackcomb in beautiful British Columbia. It is a ten-day event that celebrates Ski & Snowboard Mountain Culture through snow sports, film & photography, Apres Ski & night life, and the largest free outdoor concert series in North America. This project is the 2017 promo for the World Ski & Snowboard Festival and was my graduate project for Vancouver Film School's Digital Design Program.

I wanted the viewer to feel inspired and energized, motivating them to want to come out and take part in the festival. Cel Animation and rotoscoping was used to create dynamic high energy 3D rotating ski & snowboard tricks. The fluorescent colour palette has a glow in the dark party feel and appeals to the snow culture within the festival’s target audience. An organic animated illustrative style of line quality represents the grassroots mountain culture and arts scene that the festival celebrates.

Feel Free to browse this published article to give more insight on the design process

Additional Credits:

Sound Design: Ray H. Zhao


Case Study

The workflow for this project involved cutting a live action anamatic, extracting joint references for the characters, creating an outline for the rough animation and then many iterations of line quality to achieve the right stylized look. Take a look inside the Case Study to learn more

Design Frames

Concept & Ideation

My previsualization process involves draw thumbs, cutting them up and move them around to see if the story makes sense, and to find out where the story can be strengthened.  For that reason you will notice the cut up thumbnails in many of my displayed work :)